Dental Nursing and Ethics

The dental nurses motivated by the target of maintaining the diginity and integrity of the profession and of helping the dentist in looking after the health of patients and stimulating the welfare of the community.  Dental nurses should maintain the honour, morality and integrity of their job and shall avoid any conduct which might lower its esteem in the eyes of the public. Dental ethics is a system of principles governing the dental practice, a moral obligation to render the best quality of dental services to the patient and to maintain an honest relationship with other professionals and society. Dental ethics plays an integral role in the daily practice of dental hygiene and infiltrate the how to proceed, the why to proceed, and the when to proceed with treatment. Also, knowledge, presentation, and communication are important concepts in meeting the dental ethics perimeters.

  • • Bioethicists emphasized
  • • Issues related to treatment
  • • Improper treatment
  • • Poor maintenance of sterilization protocol.

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